What's New at Edgewood?


Blue Ridge Kickoff Day! 

Never been to Blue Ridge Christian Camp? This is your day! 

Every year, our church sends all of our kids to Blue Ridge Christian Camp in McCoy, VA. They offer multiple weeks of camp for all ages all throughout the summer. On June 4, Blue Ridge will have a "kickoff" day - full of free food, swimming and fun! This is a time for you to get familar with the camp, and to see it for yourself if you have never been! We'll be leaving Edgewood at 1 PM and returning around 6 PM! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Kevin McNeil! 

Young Adult Connect Group! 

A place for 20 year olds! 

There seems to be a popular trend among churches to not really have a "place" for young adults. You're either in youth group or you are in the 30 year old class. Edgewood wants to change that - which is why we are starting our young adult connect group on Tuesday nights! Starting June 7, we will all meet at the home of Kevin and Maiah McNeil every Tuesday night. Bring a friend with you and let's explore what God's word has to tell us about life! 

Introducing Online Giving! 

Left your check book at home again? No worries! 

At Edgewood, we understand that times have changed. Not many people carry cash anymore, and almost everyone keeps their checkbook at home. No checkbook? No cash? No problem. Now, you can tithe from the comfort of your own home! Donating through our Easy-tithe system allows you to give as much as you want, whenever you want. Feel free to check it out here!